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Topmade is one of the largest broad line distributors in Calgary. We carefully select the items we carry to ensure top quality and customer satisfaction. We carry food products including fresh and frozen meat, seafood and produce, paper products, cleaning supplies, and small kitchen wares. While we buy mainly from Canadian supplies, we also import from Asia and the US. Our exceptional inventory tracking means we have what our customers need, when they need it.


Meat, Seafood, Poultry

Our meat selection includes fresh and frozen cuts of beef and pork and frozen lamb and goat. We also carry frozen shrimp, fish, squid, and scallops. Additionally, we offer fresh and frozen chicken, frozen duck, and eggs. Topmade has built a reputation for quality and honesty in our meat cutting and we’re proud to keep that family tradition alive.



A wide variety of fresh, high quality oriental and traditional fruits and vegetables can be found year-round at Topmade.



An extensive range of groceries includes oriental noodles, rice, canned goods, a wide selection of oriental sauces, condiments, beverages including coffee and tea, bakery products and supplies, bubble tea syrups, spices, and pasta. We also carry frozen fruits and vegetables, noodles, and spring roll and wonton wraps.



We offer a broad selection of paper products including roll towels, bathroom tissues, napkins, register roll, foil and film wrap, plastic utensils, straws, as well as foam, paper, and plastic containers. We proudly carry eco-friendly take out products, too.



As a leading supplier to area restaurants, hotels, and businesses, we are happy to provide a variety of cleaning chemicals, dishwashing chemicals, and cleaning supplies.


Small Wares

Topmade carries an excellent selection of chinaware, cutlery, glasses, and kitchen utensils.


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